Artemis with Fox and Bees — redux

What a journey this painting has taken me on! It started as a drawing in 2009, during an artist residency at Vermont Studio Center. It morphed into a painting, which I exhibited at a house gallery in Albuquerque, New Mexico in February 2012.

I was never satisfied, though — to me it always felt like something was missing. While I was living in Portland, Oregon, I sewed an extra 12 inches to the top (taking the painting to over 6 feet in height) and I painted a beehive-crown on this wild goddess.

Now I’ve moved again, and within a couple of months of landing in Indiana, I knew this painting was complete. I called it done on a Saturday. The next day, my husband and I came across a small vixen that had been hit by a car near our home.

With sadness, we carefully looked at every inch of the lovely creature: delicate paws, white teeth, shimmering pelt. Then we gave her a totally righteous burial in our backyard.

There is no way I can dismiss the coincidence of completing a six-year painting featuring a fox, and then burying a fox the very next day. I don’t know that it means anything, but to quote Lia Purpura’s poem, Probability:

Astonishment’s nothing
without your consent.
Artemis With Fox And Bees Artemis with Fox and Bees
75 x 35 inches






















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