20 x 15.5 inches

Years ago, a teacher commented that all of the images I’d made in his class were essentially about the Inside and the Outside, and the tension between the two. My portfolio included figurative and abstract imagery, organic and geometric shapes. Almost all were simple studies, to learn about processes. But when I looked at all of the studies together, I saw he was correct, and felt he’d revealed something about me to myself.

It was one of those moments when a teacher’s insightful comment really changed everything. Suddenly, I realized that for me, making art was a dance of duality: it was about figuring out what was going on Inside, and then translating it as best I could to the Outside. And the Outside was constantly bringing new information to the Inside, for digestion and translation. It was a feedback cycle that meant I was alive.

I often remember that conversation, and the idea of Inside/Outside has percolated through my work continually, as a variety of dichotomies: above/below, female/male, light/dark, etc.

Constellating is my latest exploration of the in-here and the out-there.

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