2017 Threshold

Threshold was a display of 2-D works and a  paper/beeswax installation, in the Vault Gallery at John Waldron Arts Center. A 5.5 x 5.5 foot closet housed within the Rosemary P. Miller gallery, the Vault gallery was originally used to protect Bloomington’s records from fire, flood, and theft. I chose to approach it as the “inner sanctum” within the larger Miller gallery–where my husband David Ondrik happened to be exhibiting at the same time. To enter the Vault, people had to pass through the “honeycombed” doorway, a beeswax-scented threshold into a liminal space.

The installation was inspired by my many dreams about animals—so far, eighty-two species over twenty years and hundreds of dreams. Dozens of these dreams have included honeybees, a mystery to me. Crossing the threshold into sleep, I encounter another threshold: the slim space dividing the domesticated and the wild. A Jungian might suggest that every dream-creature we meet is some aspect of our own psyche, but I suspect the animals of having their own agenda. Drawing and painting them is my way of listening,