Pricing artwork is always challenging (at least for me), and this is how I currently approach it: all work, regardless of media, is 50¢ per square inch. It might seem arbitrary, but I’ve found that this calculation generally provides a price that I feel is fair when I am selling out of my studio, and not splitting the fee with a third party.

Apron (2018), at 14 x 26.5 inches, is 371 square inches. At 50¢ per inch, it is $185.50.
Multiples Are Many (2017), at 27.5 x 20 inches / 550 square inches, is $275.
Swarm in Virgo (2013), at 8 x 7 inches / 56 square inches, is a mere $28. So affordable!

You can pay via PayPal (preferred) or contact me about paying via credit card, check, or old-fashioned cash. Have fun calculating the price of your favorite artwork, and let me know if you have any questions.